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BlogCon’s Hotel Protested

I’m missing Newt Gingrich’s movie premiere America at Risk because I did not choose the correct footwear to walk all over D.C. revisiting some Smithsonian museums today.  I was bummed with each painstaking step back to my hotel (Sheraton Crystal City) when to what did my wondering conservative eyes did appear, but two young men dressed in red shirts yelling at the front door of home base.  They were from UNITE HERE, a union-pushing organization that’s only important because they capitalize all of the letters in their name.  I, of course, had to walk right passed them to go through the front doors.  They tried to force a flier in my hand, begging me not to give any money to, “this hotel establishment that is so unfair in their wages to workers!”  Pushing passed my fellow bloggers on the immediate inside taking pics of said nuisance, I noticed the workers on the inside looking out with expressions that I believe translated verbally to, “What the hell is the matter with these fools?”

They were asked to leave the property before I could get my camera to take a picture at their sad two-man team demonstration.

$100 says they will somehow end up with more press coverage than the Freedom Works/Tea Party 9-12 Demonstration planned tomorrow.  Nope, strike that.  I bet $13 trillion in U.S. debt they will!

In other news, my new Saturday night #blogcon plans are to curl up in my king size Sheraton bed with a box of Pop-Tarts, Evian water, and watch my Sooners play until my dogs quit barking. Unite here, baby!


2 comments on “BlogCon’s Hotel Protested

  1. Chad T. Everson
    September 11, 2010

    Thanks for getting this! I was too busy to go out and document these socialist squirrels making arse’s of themselves! Great job!

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